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Thompson's Candle Co. Scented Candle Crumbles and Tart Warmers

Assortment of Oak Gifts

Lazy susans, napkin holders, magazine racks, and much more...

Hanging Quilt

Picture Frames

Assorted Pottery

Oak Weave Baskets

Wide variety of oak weave baskets...

Assortment of Iron Decor

Apples, pineapples, pumpkins, pears, stars and so much more...

Candle Wall Scones

Country Candle Decor

Wide variety of country candle decor

Candle Lanterns

Assortment of black and gray iron/metal candle lanterns

Variety of Iron Candleholders

Hanging Votive Centerpieces

Assortment of 1, 3, and 6 hanging votive black iron centerpieces

3 Candle Centerpiece


Country Living Decor

Assortment of Candle Rings

Variety of Star Ornaments

Star Ornaments with Rack

Colonial Candlecrafters Jar Candles

Wide Variety of Colonial Candlecrafters Jar Candles

Welcome Sign

Gardener's Welcome Sign

Rowboat Shelves

Rowboat Shelves

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